Chickadee Designs Wildlife Art by Paulett Sapergia

Namekus Lake

The Artist at Namekus LakeEach year Paulett and her spouse, Chuck, go camping at their favourite campsite, Namekus Lake, which is 10 km south of the Waskesiu townsite, off Highway #263. It is a very peaceful experience. This lake does not allow motors on boats or lead lures when fishing. The lake is a very natural setting. Large fish can be caught from this lake as Paulett can testify.

On June 7, 2008, Paulett caught a 20lb. Jackfish (Pike) with a length of 39 long. It appeared to be a female as the underbelly was very floppy as though she had spawned not too long ago. After weighing, measuring, and photographing this magnificent fish, Paulett & Chuck put the Jackfish back into the water to live another day and hopefully spawn again next year. This fish had probably lived 10 years to be able to weigh in at 20lbs.; and it had definitely earned respect.

The Artist at Namekus LakeNot only does Paulett take advantage of the time to fish; but, also, makes good use of the peaceful existence listening to the variety of birds & other animal calls while painting pictures at the campsite. Paulett finds peace and tranquility in this environment which inspires the creative energy to flow. There is an abundance of wildlife including flora & fauna which Paulett loves to paint.

There is also another advantage to camping at Namekus; and that is meeting fellow campers who become new friends, as they, too, are pursuing the love of nature and relaxation in a natural setting.

Namekus Lake has become our yearly get-away where we can refocus and lavish in the wholesome environment enjoying the sweet sounds of summer where creativity flourishes undisturbed.